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One Love Refuge

Rescue can be quite the roller coaster, but One Love Refuge believes that the outcome is worth the ride! 

With a year of experience in the pet industry, in 2018, Nutriville's CEO and Founder, Trina Lattanzio discovered a newfound passion for rescue. The journey started unexpectedly, at a vet appointment. 

While they waited patiently to see a vet for her newly adopted 9yr old English Bulldog, Trina saw a vet-tech come out from the back with a very sick orange kitten. The tech was handing him back to its "owner" when Trina heard that the kitten had just been found under a shed, abandoned, and very sick. 

When asked what would happen to the little guy the answer was that it would be brought to a shelter and probably put down. That's when Trina jumped in and asked to take the cat home! That's when the seed of One Love Refuge was planted in Trina's heart. ​

Upon taking him home, she was validated by the reaction of her own animals to the new arrival, as she saw her pets groom the cat and accept him into their pack.  She named him Akaya.

From then on, she started getting involved in other rescues and Facebook groups and adopting other cats and sick animals.  Slowly, this is how people started to get to know about Trina in the rescue world, so she founded One Love Refuge. 

Since then, there have been many animals One Love Refuge has taken in and cared for since then. Unfortunately, some been put down due to the negligence of their owners. A sad reality. Some get so sick there is no hope…


One Love Refuge's mission is to give these animals a voice! 

To help, protect, and save, by nursing them back to health, giving them a forever home, or putting them to rest.


Since that first vet visit, One Love Refuge has rehomed over 30 cats and dogs! 


Some days are discouraging, BUT, the animals need us, and it's the reason we keep doing what we can. 


Rescue is truly proof that love can saves lives. 

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