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About Nutriville

Our goal is to provide excellent care, great food, advice, and a variety of accessories for your animals.  A store where your furry friend is put front and center!

We are passionate about encouraging pet owners to become aware of what matters and to make them aware of pet food labels so that they question the integrity of the brands their furry friends consume.


Many pets suffer from improper nutrition, and as a result,  from allergies such as itchy skin, ear infections, bad breath, diabetes, and digestive problems. We believe these can be treated and prevented with small nutritional changes.


Nutriville offers a variety of pet food that is high-quality, natural, human-grade, transparent, and earth-friendly.  And with a large selection of Canadian products that you will enjoy serving your pet. 

We are more than a pet shop. We also offer grooming services that can help ease your life with your pet care needs.

Of course, our store is pet-friendly and we encourage you to come in with your pet! We like to treat your furry pals like family, so we'll roll over to make sure that they're just as happy to see us! 

Note that we also have supplements, shampoos, beds, blankets, collars, leashes, toys, clothing, and much more! And because your opinion matters, whatever we don't have - just ask us, and we'll order it! 

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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

Trina Lattanzio

CEO & Owner

The opening quote is what Trina Lattanzio, owner of Nutriville discovered shortly after buying her store and how she stands to live by. 


Trina didn’t always work with cats and dogs, actually, far from it.  As an entrepreneur, she has recorded a music album, ran a recycled car parts business for 10 years, and owns an animal rescue. Having done so many different things she truly knows what it is to work on a passion project - and see it flourish.


When she became a pawrent of her first dog is when she fell in love with the pet/human relationship. And as a pet owner, she discovered that the pet world can seem extremely overwhelming! With this in mind, she felt transparency and trust were key and much needed -  and these two major factors is what she built her business around.


She takes pride in her honesty as not only a store owner, but someone the community can trust and turn to for their pet needs.


Merging her passion with the knowledge she's gained from rescues, is where the real validation of her purpose was felt.  Through her One Love Refuge efforts, she has saved and rehomed over 30 cats and dogs and has gained an abundance of experience in animal health, behaviour, safety, and natural home remedies. This is where she brings an asset to all of Nutriville's customers.


 With a continued drive to learn and improve, Trina is always searching for the latest products, food brands, and services that will benefit pet parents. 


A real heart for the purpose this job delivers. That is why she is dedicated to all her customers' needs and promises to always be just a phone call away ready to help however she can.

Our Team
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