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Rescue can be quite the roller coaster, but the outcomes are always worth the ride.

I bought my pet food store Nutriville October 2017, this is what got my foot into the pet world.

The summer of 2018 is when my new passion arose.I went to a vet appointment with my bulldog Squash, whom I had adopted at 9 years old just a few months earlier. Little did I know this appointment was going to start such a journey! 

While Squash and I were patiently waiting our turn, I saw a vet-tech come out from the back with a very sick teenie tiny orange kitten. The tech was handing him back to a lady, and that's when I overheard them discussing. The kitten was found under her shed abandoned and very sick, she didn't know what to do with him and so she brought him to the vet. 

I quickly interjected and asked her what her intentions were for the little guy, her response broke my heart. Very sure of herself said, that she was going to bring him to the shelter to have him put down. I immediately told her to give me the cat, she was in total disbelief! I had to repeat myself twice... she gave me the cat. I got him checked out and 300$ later got all his medication and brought him home.

As soon as I got home I felt he needed a mom, not me, but a fur mom, so I placed him in my washroom and let my Samoyed Lola go in. Before my eyes the most beautiful thing happened, she started to lick him and clean him up and he loved every second of it.

Watching his progress was amazing every day getting stronger, he flourished and became such a beautiful cat, I named him Akaya.

From there I started getting involved in other rescues and Facebook pages taking in more cats and sick animals. People started to know me in the rescue world, contact me for so many cases it's truly heartbreaking because we can't save them all. 

There have been so many animals I've had to take in and care for, some put down due to negligence of their owners, they allow them to get so sick there is no hope…and so when dealing with these types of situations I truly felt I was their voice, to help, protect, and save, whether that means nurse them back to health or put them to rest. It's a lot of work but to me, this feels very natural, nature has always calmed me. That is how it all started with a little orange kitten since then I've rehomed over 30 cats and dogs all with my tiny rescue and have learned so so much. Some days are very discouraging but the animals need me and so I keep doing what I can, rescue is truly proof that love can saves lives. 


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