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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

The opening quote "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life", is what Trina Lattanzio, owner of Nutriville discovered shortly after buying her store, is also what she lives by. Trina didn’t always work with cats and dogs actually far from it, she recorded a music album, ran a recycled car parts business for 10 years and now even has her own animal rescue. Having done so many different things she truly knows what it is to work in her passion now that she has found it.


Although having had a cat for 18 years growing up, it’s when she got the first dog that she fell in love with the pet/human relationship. As a pet owner herself, she discovered that in the pet world all can seem extremely overwhelming! With this in mind, she felt transparency and trust are key,  two major factors she built her business around.  Having always been outspoken, she takes pride in her honesty.  Trina did not want to be just a store owner but a person people can trust in the community and turn to for all their needs.


Having her own pets definitely taught her the do's and don'ts, and working along with side dog trainers always has her improving her methods. However, what really got her a lot of experience was when she saved her first kitten two years ago and her rescue journey began.  She gained an immense amount of knowledge through abandoned, neglected and lost pets. Trina has now saved and rehomed over 30 cats and dogs.  She has gained a lot of intel in animal health, behaviour, safety, home remedies and so much more. These experiences have truly made her become an asset to all her customers.


 Trina continues to learn about the latest products, different food brands and services by attending yearly conferences and open houses. Having her rescue, she has gained long and close relationships with various veterinarians allowing for her to gain access to information fairly quickly and precisely. She is dedicated and available to all her customers' needs and promises to always be just a phone call away ready to help however she can.

Trina Lattanzio 


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